Latest calls for Selsey lifeboats


Selsey RNLI lifeboat assists tug boat for the second time in 36 hours

Uk Coastguard (Dover) requested the Selsey RNLI all-weather lifeboat (ALB) be launched to the assistance of the Tug boat General Six with three crew aboard which had reported engine failure and that they had been aground at one stage and suffered water ingress.

The General Six had no radio only mobile phones so the Coastguards had scrambled the Rescue helicopter to locate the vessel which was believed to be close to Littlehampton Harbour and after locating it the helicopter advised a lifeboat would be required. Because of its weight 50 tons the Selsey volunteer crew were paged.

The ALB launched at 1.42pm on Saturday 21 January and proceeded at best speed to the position given by the Helicopter which was 8 miles East of Selsey. At 2.07pm the ALB was on scene with the General Six the weather on scene was Wind easterly F3 Sea State slight in good visibility. After confirming the crew were all ok and the water ingress was caused by breaking waves while the vessel was lying over during the grounding the Helicopter was released and a line was passed to the vessel to establish a tow.

A course was set for Littlehampton harbour and at 2.22pm the tow commenced. Due to the weight of the General Six the coxswain asked Littlehampton lifeboat launch to assist entering the harbour. Before entering the harbour two lifeboat crewmembers were transferred to the General Six to assist berthing. At 3.18pm the harbour entrance was reached and the General Six was safely berthed alongside in Littlehampton harbour at 3.50pm.

The Selsey ALB departed Littlehampton straight away to return to Selsey arriving at 4.45pm and rehousing straight away. The lifeboat was washed down and refuelled by 5.30pm.

The crew today were Coxswain Colin Pullenger, 2nd Coxswain Dave Lamdin, Mechanic Phil Pitham, Max Gilligan, Will Moir, Craig Sergeant and Pip Skeet.